Usecase 4

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Use Case 4 – Automatically enrich your CRM

Today’s sales strategies have evolved to meet the changing needs of marketing in the Digital Age, and this means that efficiency matters more than sheer numbers. In order to remain competitive, it’s essential that sales teams are equipped to make data-driven decisions.

Old-school manual data entry limits the amount of time account reps have to pursue prospects and close deals. Incomplete and incorrect data are generally part of the picture as well, which slows them down even more — as much as 91-percent of traditional CRM data, for instance, is incomplete. Alert-On Data Enrichment provides automated data entry and research that allows any sales team to have access to superior lead qualifications, actionable strategies for planning territories, and unambiguous routing. The average sales employees save over five hours per week using our enrichment system.

We provide you with the ability to turn any email address into more than 50 data points. Several strategies exist to infuse your CRM with lead and account data.

Enrich Your CRM

You’ll never have to think about manually managing company data again when you use Alert-On for Salesforce. Our package includes automatic updates and comprehensive database monitoring that also offers prospecting as well as intuitive, intent-based alerts.