Use Case 1

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Use Case 1 – Smart Form

One of the most effective and effortless ways to instantly give signup conversion rates a boost is to eliminate fields from the signup form. However, you’ll still want to retain and collect that data, which can be easily done using Alert-On’s Data Enrichment system.

Our Data Enrichment allows you to convert one email contact into over 50 unique data points, which makes it possible for you to remove form fields without compromising the data’s essential integrity.

The following are two most effective techniques for increasing conversion rates by up to 35-percent.

Technique #1:

Removing all non-essential fields is a plug-and-play approach to streamlining and shortening forms that clears the way for adding data to your CRM program or analytics or marketing platform using one of Alert-On’s pre-built integrations.

If your sales staff routinely routes leads using employee count and industry, for instance, rather than requesting those fields on signup forms, you can use our Salesforce Integration instead for a more streamlined process and to enrich each account as it’s created.

If you would prefer to stream technology or location data directly onto your analytics platform, you can move data onto the platform in a matter of minutes using Alert-On’s Hull, Segment, or Zapier integrations.

  • The advantages of this approach are that it doesn’t require developer resources, it uses plug and-play technology, and you begin noticing value in less than five minutes after pushing in more than 50 data points into your system.
  • The disadvantages are that data vendors lack the capability to provide a 100-percent match rate, resulting in some records possibly missing a small number of data attributes. If your needs involve total accuracy, the approach below may be a better fit for you.



Technique #2:

If specific data points are necessary for each separate signup, our Data Enrichment API works in tandem with your developer resources to create a dynamic form that’s customized for your desired purposes.

When you use this strategy, the Data Enrichment API can be programed to either complete the form via autofill or to just show the fields not returned by Alert-On. This provides you with complete coverage of incoming information while keeping forms short and optimizing conversion rates.

  • The advantages of this is that its intuitive properties make it the gold standard of modern signup forms because it’s so easily customized to meet the individual needs of your business. Users have the opportunity to review their information before it’s submitted.
  • The disadvantage is that developer resources are required for setup.