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Use Case 2 – Account Alerts

Instantly Alert Sales Representatives When Important Accounts Hit Your Site

No single factor affects sales as much as timing. Even if your staff has access to an expertly curated list of accounts, reaching out to them at the wrong time usually means failure.

Alert-On Intent Cloud works by identifying anonymous visitors to your site and informing you of what areas of your content are being visited by individual companies. The system can then provide your sales staff with alerts when it detects that one of their accounts is spending more than the usual amount of time on the site, allowing them to initiate contact with them at just the right moment.

Intent Cloud for Salesforce

When a prospect shows an optimal level of activity on your site, our Intent Cloud for Salesforce alerts your sales representatives so they can take the appropriate immediate action. The data collected by Intent Cloud can also be combined with current opportunity data to create automated tasks or real-time email or chatter alerts during those times when accounts are likely to close.