Sycnex Windows10Debloater: Script to remove Windows 10 bloatware

If you’re looking for a minimalistic tool to grab screenshots and annotate in a snap, you should definitely take a look at Monosnap. This one gives you many editing basics like cropping and annotation in a lightweight interface that pops up every time you grab a screenshot. You can also adjust the maximum number of screen captures from the default of 25 to something above what you think you’ll need. Keep in mind that Steps Recorder will capture everything that’s going on on your PC screen in great detail, so make sure to close any unrelated apps beforehand. This will ensure you can isolate the issue you are trying to document, and also makes it easier to troubleshoot by the person or group who will receive your recorded steps.

  • Clipboard is a folder that saves all of your copy-and-paste text and screenshots.
  • Your PC has to be online so that Microsoft can update the admin password on your laptop.
  • If you hit the keys correctly, your whole screen will flash, indicating the screenshot has been taken and automatically saved.

The new product is bringing various Azure support enhancements, but Microsoft also added improvements to the core database engine. As noted by Microsoft MVP Joey D’Antoni, SQL Server 2022 will be capable of near-zero-downtime migrations to Azure SQL Managed Instance. More importantly, an added database restore capability will permit organizations to move back to on-premises SQL Server.

How to Turn Off Bluetooth in Windows 10 (And Turn It On)

You can find the icon of the wireless network. In different brands of computers such as Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, the wireless function key is different. Once enabled, your desktop should now be discoverable and list the desktop name. Select “Bluetooth & other devices” if you don’t already see it selected.

However, the game comes at a cost and is not free to play. Minecraft generates huge revenue by selling millions of copies. So if you’re a new player who wants to get a feel of the game before you actually spent your money on it, this blog post will help you a lot. While there’s no legal way to obtain a free copy of Minecraft Java Edition, you can still play Minecraft for free by downloading the demo version for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Use Third-Party Apps

You first have to install the iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer on a second computer, then launch it, and follow the on-screen steps to burn it to a USB device. If you don’t have a second computer for installing the tool, borrow one. From here, select the desired user to set parental controls. The user will now have administrative privileges. The local user can then sign in to the computer with this account information. Enter an account name, then type the desired password.

Bluetooth is a very convenient method, and it has no line constraints. But before you connect your device, you need to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10. Go to Support, and select Drivers & Downloads.

Apple rolls out fix for Studio Display audio issue

And that is how you can upgrade your standard account to an admin account without access to the administrator’s password. Now, close all windows and restart your computer. Once it boots up, select theAdministratoraccount (this is the new admin account and doesn’t have any password).

If you’ve updated your OS to the latest release from Microsoft, then don’t hesitate to check out the best recorder software for Windows 11. But finding a good program to record your screen can be challenging since most don’t really do a good job at it. After adjusting your audio, you can click the Start Recording button on the right side of the OBS Broadcaster dashboard. At any time, you can return back to OBS Broadcaster and click the same button to stop recording. If you want more control over what is recorded, rolling back for example, if you’d like to record a specific window or change recording quality, we would suggest OBS Broadcaster. Recording can be started by clicking the ricoh drivers download “Start Recording” button.